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Understanding Land Surveying Cost and Procedures

Land Survey Cost

Land surveying cost vary depending on the goal of the survey and the variables involved in the survey. Variables can include items such as missing property corners, topography of the property or old and out dated documentation describing the property. Conditions such as the size of the property and recent surveys of the property will also effect the cost of the survey. The best advice is to call a licensed surveyor and request an estimate and time schedule for your survey.

Different client surveying goals require different surveys. A survey to purchase a home or vacant land will typically require a physical survey by the financing institution. This will require a survey showing the property boundary and all improvements on the property such as but not limited to the home, driveway and accessory building. Surveys dealing with the grade and elevations on the property will require a topographic survey and a survey involving new construction may require a site plan survey. Consult with your surveyor to determine the best survey for your needs.

The cost of the survey can be based on an hourly rate a rate based on the liner foot of the boundary or a fixed rate this varies by surveyor. A fixed rate survey will have the condition of a standard survey with no unusual circumstances encountered during the survey such as large number of missing property corners, disputes with adjoining property owners or errors in deeds or plats describing the property which will drive up the cost of the survey.

Information you can provide the surveyor regarding the survey may help to reduce the cost of the survey such as location of property corners or recent surveys of the property or adjoining properties.