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Jordan Grant Assists Schumacher Homes With Surveying & Engineering Services.

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Jordan Grant & Associates is proud to assist Schumacher Homes with surveying and engineering services.

Schumacher Homes story is all about family. It’s a story of passion and pride, keeping your promises and building a legacy. A story that all started with Paul Schumacher and a single house.

In the early 1990s, Paul went into the business of buying and renovating fixer-uppers in Canton, Ohio. And the day he finished his first house, he knew building would be his career. After buying, restoring and selling a few more homes, he also realized there was something far more special about designing and building homes from the ground up.

Ask him and he’ll tell you; you learn a lot building a home from scratch. And not just about construction. During his early years, Paul talked to hundreds of people about the building process: What they loved. What they disliked. How the process made them feel. And after a while, two things became crystal clear to him.

Jordan Grant & Associates
Jordan Grant & Associates

First, every home had to start with a great design. And second, what people really wanted was the freedom and flexibility to build an affordable home-where and how they wanted it. He learned that buying someone else’s house always involves a compromise. And that other builders were full of reasons why this or that couldn’t be done. People told Paul they wanted a builder who would listen and help them create their dream home.

Paul discovered that the true vision for Schumacher Homes was in designing and building fully custom homes the way his customers wanted them. Not close to what they wanted-exactly what they wanted, at a price and quality level no other builder was delivering. He also learned that this is much easier said than done, which is why so few builders have made an attempt to do it.

Jordan Grant & Schumacher Homes have enjoyed a long and successful relationship together satisfying hundreds of family’s throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

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